A strong emotion found physical expression faster than a conscious thought had the chance to intervene …

From 1999 to 3/2001:

During these years I still experienced a few isolated and increasingly rare initial stimuli. These were expressed by a beginning pulling in individual areas: hands, wrists, arms or feet.

If I employed my exercises, I was able to stop these initial stimuli within a few minutes. Just like a cramp in the calf or a headache against which we will engage as soon as possible and not just sometimes later.

Therefore, inflammation, pain, swelling or movement restrictions stopped occuring during this time.

The constant growth of my mental abilities and with it – in addition to all the intense joy and expansion – “the suffer that comes with progress” meant that I could conciously feel (body & soul), and act (also grieve, process something internally, deciding to flight or attack, or to seek help from others) before the internal burden would build up again so that my body becomes seriously ill.

The degree to which I understand and practice my abilities is my latitude in action. In my opinion, this procedure is also suitable for me to prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

With my recovery, the issue of rheumatism was ticked off for me. My life raced on. I just forgot the time with rheumatoid arthritis.

Until my daughter asked … At the beginning of 2010, I typed ‘rheumatoid arthritis’ into the computer keyboard for the first time and read about how this disease went on in countless other cases.

The result shocked me, made me sad. And a strong emotion found physical expression:

The familiar pulling in my hand spoke up: “Listen to your soul.”

So I did and had to admit to myself: still, my body and my soul remembered the fear of the inflammatory pain, of the exhaustion, of the effects of medication and inflammation, and the frighteningly unpredictable occurring of pain and swelling. And again I was afraid of being so ill, feeling so helpless again.

As I became aware of these thoughts and emotions, I relaxed, and the pulling subsided.

This „being-aware-of-my-feelings-as-good-as-possible“ today also is a part of my prevention of a new disease.

My life with all of its facets, the happiness, the solutions found, the knowledge gained either way didn’t need the RA. It wasn‘t necessary, and it wasn‘t good. Even though sometimes one can learn as I did how valuable health, creativity, and the own mind really are, disease always is and always will be an undesirable burden of which we can make the best possible, but we should never cherish nor wish for.

By healing rheumatoid arthritis, I understand the absence of all the discomfort caused by it, which has since allowed me full mobility again.

This suggests that the healing exercises called HeilÜben as well as medical treatment should begin as soon as possible.

My next post: It is time to heal.

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