Knowing the Cause of Stress-Related RA Makes the Difference between Treatment and Healing

Nobody would come up with the idea of letting his hand lie on a hot stove and taking medication for the pain. The cause of the pain is immediately obvious.

In the stress-related RA too, it is necessary to recognize the connection between symptoms and causes to remedy the causes. The longer the cause persists, the greater will be the damage done.

If the person concerned is unaware of the connection between the cause (overload due to tension) and the effect (inflammation, pain, destruction), this may cause a larger amount of suffering and the need for action but also helplessness, concern, even frustration and ultimately resignation about healing.

He can‘t heal himself and must also continue to live with the constant subliminal burden of his habitual and too high tension.

Although during a medical examination in stress-related RA typical findings and diagnoses for rheumatoid arthritis can be made, these do not explain the trigger but only its impacts.

With the HeilÜben-exercises, you’re able to determine if your rheumatoid arthritis to is the result of dangerous overloading caused by a high tension level.

Imagine you being healthy and lifting a heavy bucket of water to carry it around. Our tense muscles are then clearly visible. On our forearms, for instance. Experience tells us that we can sense this tension very well both from the in- and from the outside. Others, too, can easily feel our tensed muscles and our entire effort. Our muscles, which we brace to lift and to hold the bucket, are then shorter and harder than in a relaxed state. By tendons, they are connected to our bones and joints.

Now imagine that you put the water bucket down again. We know from experience that the muscles that we just braced before relax after work. They are now softer again and go – their normal rest position corresponding – back to normal length. The same goes for our tendons. We feel “relieved” in the truest sense of the word.

The better we achieve a dynamic change between exercise and relaxation, stress and relief, the healthier we are.

That‘s the way it usually should go. But if we didn‘t release our muscles from their tension after putting down the water bucket, or if we kept the water bucket up to long until the end of our strength, we would have felt that there was a marked burning or tearing pain and we would start trembling until the muscles involved finally failed us.

The less the things in our lives are accompanied by particularly strong sensations, pleasurable ones, pain, great effort, and heavy effort, the less we pay attention to them.

Now imagine that you are standing in front of that full bucket of water, which you know you’ll lift and carry shortly. In a flash, our brain captures the challenge and our muscles and tendons immediately react. We automatically prepare for the expected situation. Before we even think about it, our brain gives out the first necessary signals to our musculoskeletal system.

Where force is to be exerted, the corresponding tissue cells in the musculature and tendons that are connected to our bones and joints contract, the corresponding opponent muscles relax. This way our arm can be bent when we pull up a water bucket. On the inside, muscles and tendons are shortened and taut, on the outside long and yielding. Contracting tendons and muscles transmit impulses to the involved joints and exert pressure and tension onto them. This happens way before we actually lift the bucket of water and stretch our larger muscles visibly and tangibly, even if all together can take place within seconds.

Anyone who carries too much stress around with themselves lives in a body that, like automatically, is constantly tensed and on the go.

Some people visibly stretch bigger or more muscles. So much so that their fellow human beings can also see and feel it and realize: “You are very tense!” They then usually give the call to let go: “Come on, relax!”…

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