Practice to Heal Yourself – the HeilÜben

By the use of relaxing body techniques (Autogenic Training; Progressive Muscle Relaxation; Feldenkrais Method…) we can preserve our health, for we improve in our body perception through them. We learn to perceive our tension better than before and to even reduce it by relaxing. That’s precisely what we need to heal.

The stress-related rheumatoid arthritis itself, however, often aggravates because it additionally affects the physical perception and mobility through pain, inflammation and movement restrictions.

With the help of the HeilÜben, the process of self-healing comes to life. If we reduce the stress respectively tension level and relieve muscles and tendons, then they won‘t provoke inflammation in our joints anymore.

The HeilÜben deals with the cessation of the rheumatoid-arthritis-causing chronic inflammatory process, to a possible regression of already existing deformations and the reconstruction of destroyed tissue, no statement can be made at present.

Every HeilÜben-exercise is gentle and thus easily applicable. The HeilÜben-exercises build up on each other in their mode of action. So to keep the benefits of this structure, it is essential to obtain to the given order of the HÜ. From each level, we take the necessary skills to get to the next.

Level 1 begins with intentional, pictorial imaginations that help those affected to experience themselves and their bodies more consciously – despite disease-related restrictions and pain – in a healthier and strengthening way. We will not only train our self-healing abilities but imagine the healing process precisely. This means to continue training abilities that each of us possesses. These abilities, to some extent, allow us to achieve the necessary stamina for Level 2 of the HeilÜben.

In Level 2, we will put our trained self-healing abilities to use. Against pain, inflammation, and chronic course. We will enable ourselves to detect previously unseen tension. It is possible to experience how, in the event of overloading due to excessive strain and incorrect posture, an inflammation in the joints can occur and how this process can be successfully influenced and ended.

Over time, the experience will us allow making a causal attribution so that we can tell:

more pain – too much tension,

less pain – lowered tension,

no pain, no inflammation – we are below our upper stress-limit.

In Level 3, the HeilÜben will help to spot tension in everyday situations. This way we permanently reduce our tension below our upper limit.

All of this may sound unfamiliar when the RA torments your body and you’ve experienced so far yourself that none of what you could do would end it.

Most likely, each of us is willing to do the best for himself to heal, using every possibility he sees. But these possibilities need to be expanded. Healing is a serious thing like any other: if I understand less than necessary, my results aren‘t sufficient.

And that in spite of every amount of suffering nobody wanted and deserved. So we roll up our sleeves and learn to deal with stress-related rheumatoid arthritis more capable than before.

After recovery when we can sense our tension consciously, we won‘t burden ourselves with it again.

Grant yourself rest and leisure for the pursuit of the HeilÜben. Make yourself comfortable.

As soon as we are calm, important thoughts can break through everyday-priorities, thoughts which are claiming attention. But: we need time to read and think through the HeilÜben program. While doing this a significant amount of until then uncared thoughts are not useful. If you want to practice first, then I recommend you to take a notebook and write your thoughts down. This way you can ensure to remember them after practicing. After this return to the HeilÜben.

The HeilÜben-exercises are building up on each other – work them through strictly in the given order. Every HeilÜben-exercise is to be worked through and repeated until it is executable in every fitting situation. The broad rule is two to four repetitions per exercise until you have memorized it. At circa 80 repetitions in our everyday life, we accustom them to our behavior.

To the exercises only belongs what you can find in the corresponding instruction. Please note that thoughts and memories that occur suddenly while practicing are on the one hand of high value to you but on the other shouldn’t be included in the practice.


now I am practicing

now I let my thoughts flow

When you return from letting your thoughts flow then start where you left the exercise.

Getting used to the new and the unusual takes time – as much as necessary. It runs subconsciously, gradually, and means internal growth to cope with it. During this important phase, only patience and constant pursuit will help to get through.

To heal and to live healthier, we need our rational working mind, our body consciousness and our psyche alike. So we can best grasp the different aspects of challenges: physically (something is unpleasant), emotionally (I’m sad about it, angry, disappointed, hurt …) and mentally (what are the relationships – that’s how I can help myself) and try out what helps us best in individual cases.

And sometimes, later on, we come to even more accurate views and opinions, to other beliefs. Then it may be possible for us to discover: oh yes, I thought so far to know the cause exactly, but now I know things are a little different. I find even more and more accurate, more detailed explanations and also new insights into the causes of my tension. Automatically these explanations are added to our experience of what is right and wrong for us.

If we do not want to resign ourselves to rheumatoid arthritis and continue to seek cure despite medical diagnosis and treatment of an “incurable disease,”

we usually act directly contrary to the usual approach,

and possibly against some of our own profound beliefs,

we are still in the state of disease and

invest time and energy.

As you can see, the difficulties do not consist solely of the RA. The challenges are more diverse and a successful approach to healing must be dedicated to all of them.

In the HeilÜben, we take the stress-related rheumatoid arthritis back into the realm where we can grasp with the mind, where we rationally and logically explain things to ourselves. We find that we can understand the overloading tension of our body well. We are thereby relieved of a major stress factor that such a condition can bring: the fear of what seems to be unexplained and uncontrollable.

The fact that we have understood individual procedures and applied them correctly is noticeable in pain reduction.

That we have reached a full understanding of what is going on in the exercise, we will notice by not only decreasing but ending inflammatory pain.

The less and the shorter the pain, the less and shorter are inflammation and destruction.

So we can say:

No pain means no Inflammation.

And no inflammation means: the destruction is stopped, until the next overload.

Also, while exercising with the HeilÜben the disease-maintaining tension habit – the chronic course – reduces.

Until healing it will go on like this: you feel pain and use the HeilÜben-exercises.

We gain experience and inner security by practicing something right and useful. We know about ourselves: “I am okay and act effectively,” and this way get more confidence.

We can react sooner, quicker and more purposefully. And after a while even when we are distracted, for example, or half asleep.

Each person concerned by RA can practice the HeilÜben (HÜ).

Thoroughly different people can profitably learn the same HeilÜben strategies and develop them individually.

Everyone affected also lives with individually different external and internal conditions. Therefore, the HÜ can only be a form which must be carved out individually until it fits perfectly. The exercises are models that exemplify influences, connections, and procedures. Simplification helps with understanding and first learning.

After that, it becomes more complex in practice. The person concerned first reads the HÜ-exercises, carries them out as such and imprints them. He begins to take inhabit the HÜ-exercises. Many individual situations have several variants. The HÜ-exercises have to be adapted and applied to these individual cases. Anyone can get to the root of his stress-related RA, examine and understand it, and develop his individual most effective healing exercises out of the models I prevent.

All intermediate results are helpful because they reliably show which actions bring success and which need to be improved or changed. If one has too little “success” or suffers from too much fear, helplessness and boredom, meaninglessness and disorientation can show up.

Such a thing can be depressing and the cause for doubting your actions. Every great discoverer knows such phases. They are part of the situation, but as long as we go further, they won’t be the end of the line.

Accept that such feelings can be there as well but don’t feed them with much of interest. Don’t fight against it and don’t put any emotional effort into it.

Always take it for granted that you will find the feasible. This way your mind will focus on it and shed light on never seen solutions. The possible is there, and we can learn to see it: if something we do is unsuccessful, it still is progress. Progress in learning, for it, enables us to see clearer than before.

So we see: every mistake is a gained and helpful experience. Just don’t you take it so emotionally that you slow yourself down, make yourself small and weak by rating yourself negatively.

Our body tells us:

no pain – done right

pain – there is still a problem there

In this way, we can detect and gradually reduce overload, tension and stress factors.

This procedure relieved musculature and connective tissue at the

same time and consequently my joints. Thanks to this relief, the inflammatory and destructive processes decreased. Rheumatoid arthritis healed.

The HeilÜben-exercises include elements of posture and movement theory; pictorial imagination; respiratory teaching; from concentration and memory techniques. Beyond this self-healing training, I hope that they can provide the reader with an incentive to learn more about health and efficiency in general.

We can exercise in all usual everyday things. We do everything in a slightly different way than before. And this different way no longer provokes stress-related rheumatoid arthritis.

The HeilÜben is utilizing the fact that health can begin over our mind, over thoughts and feelings, even if the rest of the body is partially restricted.

The HÜ-exercises are addressing our conscious mind with words: our thoughts and the feelings we have access to – in them is explained why exactly we are practicing what we are practicing.

The HÜ-exercises are aimed directly at body and soul with the help of mental images, the influence of posture and harmonic movement. They go deeper than the rational mind alone can reach, they have more power: with their help, we can change! In this process, the body is first addressed directly via thoughts, relaxing imaginations, pictures, feelings and in subsequent HÜ about body perceptions and sensations (through relaxation, gentle movement).

All of this is constantly interacting and intensifying. With intentional, relaxing thoughts and imaginations, we additionally trigger relaxation in our body. Later on, this will happen automatically, but during the chronic inflammatory disease, it is important to purposely interrupt the tensing habit by intentionally relaxing in a variety of situations.

Practicing the HeilÜben can be compared to using a toolbox. It offers different tools for different needs. For example, you are repairing a roof by other means than a water pipe or a door lock. But every single thing makes the home more comfortable.

Some problems we recognize over time, although we have lived with them for a while. This is because each change we take on changes our overall perception. Everything concerns everything – in addition to what we see, hear, taste and smell we relate information from what we feel, feel, how we move and perceive our position in the space around us.

In the HÜ it is necessary to acquire every skill carefully, for only then they’ll work out as a complete toolbox. Piece by piece, the use of various aids is learned, tried and applied.

Imagine your favorite – albeit in some places in need of repair – house, create it out of your fantasy don’t take a real one. You can imagine how much more stable, beautiful and well-groomed it will be once you’ve taken on the work to fix it. Even if there is still a window in the hinges, that door squeaks, or a few holes in the roof, feel the pain of inflammation, and then imagine that this pain only points to various leaks that you can learn to understand and to fix. Paying attention to what is going on and how exactly they tend to work is always the first thing to do.

All of us want an immediate solution especially if we are under a lot of pressure, but no apprentice masters all the steps in one day, no artisan will be able to fix everything in one day – but every day another piece. And now you begin to adjust internally to work.

You don’t have to be a master to start working.

Start working to become a master!”

Now imagine that you go around your favorite house, look at everything and also take a look inside. What we see from the out- or the inside, we may not see from the beginning. This way we train ourselves to look at things from different points of view. Therefore, there are also several HÜ-exercises that are similar in some ways and yet different from each other.

The HÜ assumes a high proportion of those affected whose hands are the place of their strongest physical expression. The first place an RA will usually start. Therefore, the HÜ in Level 2 begins with the hands. In most cases, tension and congestion in RA, as well as the inflammation in them tends to spread over more parts of the body.

Our hands help us in controlling and coordinating. They are essential to our body language, our expression of feeling and willingness. We take our lives in our own hands. This is evidenced by our need to reach out and to shape our surroundings; the need to assert ourselves, to communicate. The overburdening attempt to force something on the own body by pressuring it through tension or even letting it remain in it makes one sick. The better alternative would be, to be more socially friendly with yourself. Excessive tension is to be detected and dismantled. The aim is to be able to meet life in a variety of situations with less tension.

To all sufferers whose RA didn’t start from their hands, I recommend first to practice the HÜ series and then apply their basic knowledge to their specific RA starting point. The mechanism of a stress-related RA is always the same.

Next post: Is Rheumatoid Arthritis Healable? My Example of Belief Systems and What They Can Do.

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