To realize where my rheumatoid arthritis really came from made the difference between treatment and healing

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 Now imagine that you are standing in front of that full bucket of water, of which you know you’ll lift and carry shortly.

At lightning speed, the brain captures the challenge and passes on the first necessary signals to our musculoskeletal system.

And even the first of these unconscious impulses of tension happens directly in the muscles and tendons through which they are connected to our joints and bones.

Where force is to be exerted, the corresponding tissue cells in musculature and tendons that are connected to our bones and joints contract. The antagonistic muscles relax. This way we can bend our arm to pull the bucket up. On the inside, muscles and tendons are shortened and taut, on the outside long and yielding. Contracting tendons and muscles transmit impulses to the involved joints and exert pressure and tension onto them. This happens way before we actually lift the bucket of water and stretch our larger muscles visibly and tangible, even if all together can take place within seconds.

Anyone who carries too much stress around with themselves lives in a body that, like automatically, is constantly tensed and always on the go.

One’s tension isn‘t always obvious to them: it can also go unnoticed, be overlooked or underestimated, especially since the triggering situation can quickly be over or is considered being normal.

Some people visibly tense bigger or more muscles. So much that their fellow human beings can also see and feel the tensed muscles and realize: “You are all tensed!” They then usually give the call to let go: “Come on, relax!”…

To the extent that tension has become part of normal body sensation, we are blind to we do no longer feel it and therefore don’t perceive it as unpleasant – takes to mean- not worth changing to us. As a result, we consider ourselves healthy and will wether see any need nor any opportunity for a change. As it came to rheumatoid arthritis this was one of the crucial points for me. When I fell ill with rheumatoid arthritis, I couldn’t feel what made me so sick. But I was able to learn how to feel and relieve my tension timely.

Stress and tension become a serious overload when they are:

 permanently consistent or

 too strong in a singular situation.

If someone can‘t or just inadequately relax, tension remains. If tension is not sufficiently reduced in time, it will accumulate and spread.

Overload due to tension is morbid!

Our relieving moments of rest and relaxation then are no longer sufficient; they can‘t reach the deep sitting problem anymore.

To my body, the overload meant:

The upper tension-limit is exceeded.

Next post: Can everyone develop a stress-related RA?


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2 thoughts on “To realize where my rheumatoid arthritis really came from made the difference between treatment and healing

  1. This is so fascinating!

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    1. Thank you! It is great to see that the feeling sprung over:)

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