“Is my rheumatoid arthritis healable?” My example of belief systems and what they can do

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From affected people, I often hear the sentence: “There is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis!”

The conviction of rheumatoid arthritis as an autoimmune disease that leads the body to attack itself is very popular. It‘s often deduced that RA isn‘t healable. Especially not by the person concerned, for:

“If not even physicians (as the gods in white) can’t really provide a solution then, how should I (a simple mortal) know what to do?”

The underlying reasoning behind this is the rather-the-better-than-the-latter-principle: “If something is more likely to come to the one who is more likely to have it, then it is obvious that it can‘t rather come to the one who is less likely to have it.”

Those who are more likely to achieve this something – in this case the effective strategy to help the patient affected by rheumatoid arthritis – are, due to their extensive knowledge, usually considered to be the physicians: “The doctor, of course!”

But this conviction is a heavy burden.

Many sufferers no longer trust their body, lose the confidence to resign themselves to their self-efficacy and seek treatment – and salvation – from others.

Self-related beliefs play an important role in how the affected person will deal with “his” rheumatoid arthritis.

A negative belief could then look like this: “My body is beyond my control. I don‘t want to be ill, and yet it attacks itself. I am help- and powerless in terms of biochemical processes and genetics. That‘s why I can not help myself causally. So working on my good health myself isn‘t possible.”

Such propositions are predestined to act as self-fulfilling prophecies: the result will correspond and confirm the inner conviction. And with an autoimmune disease the implicit implication is clear: “I am continuously hurting myself!“ and for it works both ways: „These patients are attacking themselves!“, and transports the conviction of guilt. The confidence in one’s own body and self-efficacy is shaken. And of course, that doesn‘t help with raising the motivation to search for the actual causes and solutions.

Thus the affected person becomes emotionally addicted to conventional medicine. As such, he is willing to let drugs suppress symptoms and, as a result of this suppression of symptoms, get even more damaged by the side effects of aggressive chemistry, that can‘t bring about even a chance of healing.

How can one help oneself anyway if RA is an “autoimmune disease” or “genetically conditioned” or “biochemical processes that destroy one’s joints” are unstoppable?

This way, medical terms become meaningless phrases. They sound like empty formulas or come as incomplete knowledge and are regarded by the patient as an endpoint of their influence and insight. This hinders understanding, motivation, actions and makes it difficult to really work on self-healing efforts.

Petermann et al.* describe this obstructive use of phrases. “The use […] can also be assumed in explanations such as “that’s genetic,” “that’s psychosomatic “or” it works electrically.” A proven antidote is the question “Yes fine, but how exactly?”

From the diagnosis, I got no help against my pain and movement restrictions. The tone of impossibility hindered my search, limited my possibilities exactly to the much-desired recovery. Neither my doctor nor the people in my environment thought of healing as possible. But I didn‘t want to resign myself to the disease; I refused to just get on with it, I didn‘t want to learn to accept it as part of me for it wasn‘t, I didn‘t want to stay a client.

My approach was first formed in my reflections: “The student is closest to the pure theory,” I read. It immediately dawned on me, because the student, growing, is directly in the process of being and becoming. In this sense, so I took rheumatoid arthritis as a challenge to master on my way.

The person concerned with RA is the one, who has to suffer the most, who is most associated with it. To me, there is no bigger physical and mental closeness than that of being directly affected.

Therefore, to me, the one affected is always the one who can develop the highest motivation to be more enduring and relentless than anyone else in fighting for his or her health. It is an – or at least should be – innermost interest.

So that meant the first one up to do something was me! My healing is my very own interest! And over time, I became my coach!**

So I formulated my own rather-the-better-than-the-latter-sentence: “If it doesn‘t cause the one whom it concerns immediately and existentially to mobilize all possible powers (including the further development and further learning), then how should it cause the one less concerned (indirectly due to professional or/and other interests) to take any action at all?” From then on, I stood up for my goals more effectively than others could have ever done for me.

As very useful for healing, fundamental questions that I kept persistently asking myself turned out to be: “How? And when? And where?” With their help, I’ve found the answers and insights from which HeilÜben descends.


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All the best



Next post: HeilÜben means to train our own skills and to use them for self-help

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8 thoughts on ““Is my rheumatoid arthritis healable?” My example of belief systems and what they can do

  1. Thank you so much for the follow!

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    1. Hey Valerie;) You are welcome.


  2. where are these classes? are there any in Los Angeles?

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    1. About the class: luckily the internet gives us the opportunity to be pretty much everywhere. Let me start with a very tiny timeline. Currently I am working on my posts concerning the technique and application of the HÜ wich will come up on this blog soon.
      After them I’ll post detailed exercises with matching photos. And whenever I feel more confident in my talking skills the online coachings will come up. Any experience I posess will be published here on the blog and the online-coaching will be there to individualize the programm or to answer particular questions. Since you follow my blog (wich I am very happy about:)) you’ll see it in your reader.

      All the best to you


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      1. wishing you all the best with your wonderful project, Laureen ❤

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