Rheumatoid arthritis? First, become a relief-expert!

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The following points are often easily underestimated, for they fall in the common-sense-category and we presume: „Everyone knows that – it is of not much value.“ But just as the HÜ-exercises every single one of the following points was of inalienable importance to my successful healing process.

1. I paid attention to lead a healthy lifestyle and to balance a potential lack of vitamins and minerals. I always choose the healthier alternative. Thereby it was especially crucial for me to cover my body’s needs for vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, coenzymes, amino- and fatty acids throughout the day and that any existing deficiencies were sufficiently balanced. In case of deficiency symptoms, I would consult my doctor or my pharmacist and ask for possible compensation. My slight overweight I reduced by healthy nutrition without starving myself.

2. I performed a drug check. I took care that my doctor checked the medications I took for any unwanted interactions with each other no matter in what form they had been described or for how long I was supposed to take them – I wanted to know what an impact they would make on my body. A desire that led me to always ask the physician about every little detail I didn’t understand :

„When I may consume milk, coffee, and iron-containing juices or foods after taking my medication?“

„Which medications are combinable?“

„Which of my nutritional supplements can I take with my medications?“

I thoroughly read the instruction leaflets of my medication firstly leaving me not much smarter than before. But I didn’t give up, noted my questions and asked as long as it took for me to understand. Especially carefully, I’d ask about any side effects and wrote down the answers as I got them. Doing so I – like any other human being – relied on the professionalism and – with a certain complexity of the proposed questions – the goodwill of my respective counterpart. Not every explanation I got was satisfying and not every consultation service included the performance I expected for the price. Nor did every answer hit the nail on the head or was even correct. But despite all the frustrations that came along when I started asking questions, I learned never to stop asking and eventually be able to explain to myself what I consider to be essential. Acquiring knowledge often is a process where the only thing to do is to circle the problem we want to solve until we get to the middle. In life, we always take the risk of being unable to formulate our questions comprehensibly enough and to use the answers we have received. The less offended we are by our possible ignorance, insecurity, and failure, the more comfortable we get in gaining knowledge. I made sure to integrate the information on medications and nutritional supplements; I obtained carefully into my daily planning and wrote them all in order. Whenever I felt uncertain, I would ask my doctor (or pharmacist) again.

3. Next, I detoxed my body: I ate as healthy as possible, drank plenty of water and unsweetened teas, reduced sugar as much as I could and made sure I wouldn’t start consuming sweetener, coffee, nicotine, or alcohol. Every little victory felt satisfying. Small habits, such as placing a tumbler next to my toothbrush and a large bottle of water or unsweetened tea in a prominent spot, helped me remember keeping my body hydrated.

4. I watched the hours of sleep I got, took breaks and made sure to move around outside as well as to socialise.

5. I reduced electrosmog in my home, especially in the sleeping environment as much as possible. I ensured that my furniture and my clothes would be low-polluted.


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4 thoughts on “Rheumatoid arthritis? First, become a relief-expert!

  1. Wow! I had never heard of electrosmog before this! Thanks for all these great tips!

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    1. I am glad it was of use to you:) There is more to come;)

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  2. I am doing great in every area except coffee! Excellent post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Diane:)

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