HeilÜben means to train our skills and to use them for self-help

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When a living system is suffering from ill health, the remedy is found by connecting with more of itself.

Francisco Varela

 No one in their right mind would voluntary suffer any longer from a cold or a cramp than ineluctable – the same it is with stress and tension. And no matter if the self-help consists of hot tea and vitamins in case of a cold, of anticonvulsive interactions in case of a cramp or relaxation and relief in case of stress or tension (as it was for me while I healed myself from my stress-related rheumatoid arthritis) is always a question of possibilities determined by our skill.

By developing better and better skills out of the abilities we have since birth, we can expand our possibilities with which we can help ourselves for protecting, strengthening and doing us good first is our responsibility!

Our self-help skills are based on our abilities to:

  • sense what is going on the in- as well as on the outside
  • move, relax and use force consciously
  • use pictorial imagination willfully
  • use our intuition alongside our wit

Every single one of these abilities can put to use to heal if we decide, and are willing to implement this decision:


with every breath,

with every move.

If this requires more effort, overall change and change in our habits, we often do it only when we feel spurred on by a current problem and our suffering is high enough for us to start to gain new experiences seriously.

For the self-help necessary active learning, searching, observing, trying out and training on my initiative, my comfort fell by the wayside. It changed my mindset, which initially felt strange.

For this, my possibilities, which resulted from my grown experiences and skills, expanded, which also opened new perspectives, got to know interesting people and let me find more and better information through exchange and self-study. I can share my experiences and encourage other people to do more for themselves.

And when it comes to HeilÜben, it is like everything else: You can‘t make something out of nothing.

So I had to practice this new approach to treating myself in this new but better way.

Being or becoming as well and as healthy as best as possible is a process. It‘s always changing with the difficulties of life, with bot intern and extern challenges how harsh or simple they may be. Whether we actively develop our skills and understanding of ourselves makes the difference whether these challenges are training or endangering our health.

Expanding our knowledge and skills means we have more and better alternatives, new experiences and knowledge at our disposal, and better able to face challenging challenges. We train our healing skills exemplarily and use them in our daily lives according to our requirements. With this, we are increasingly adopting them into the habit.

From this descends a more stable capacity that allows us – put under stress – to stay healthier.

With the same HeilÜben-programme that I used 18 years ago to heal myself from my rheumatoid arthritis, today, everyone can learn to detect and reduce any harmful tension in their everyday lives.

HeilÜben calls attention to how harmful tension arises in everyday life and shows what each of us can do to prevent or eliminate it.

HeilÜben is a self-help method and serves the passing on of experience. It is intended to help the user to develop his own potential in dealing with his conscious imagination, his emotions and sensations as well as his posture and movement to – as I did at that time – be able to recognize and reduce harmful tension in good time. It is there to help you do the same as I did back then: being myself more healthily.


I wish you a good read on my blog and will be happy to hear from you!


You would like to write about your thoughts and experiences? Just scroll down a little to our comments section below and leave a comment there.

You want to work on your strains and further develop your mindset in a relaxing direction with us?

We, the HeilÜben-team, are looking forward to meet you!

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