Before beginning: General instructions for the execution of the HeilÜben-exercises

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The HeilÜben-exercises (HÜ) are building up on each other – that’s why it is important to work them through in the given order. Each level will provide you with everything you need to encounter the next.

How intense and thus how successfully we train is a matter of decision: what we train, how we train and, of course, how often.

Anyone who has gained some experience with HeilÜben will recognize its elements in everyday life and use them for his best. We can control our posture and movement without causing excessive and therefore directly harmful tension.

Grant yourself rest and leisure for the pursuit of the HeilÜben. Make yourself comfortable. As soon as we are calm, important thoughts can break through everyday-priorities, thoughts which are claiming attention. But: we need time to read and think through the HeilÜben programme. While doing this a significant amount of until then uncared thoughts are not useful. If you want to practice first, then I recommend you to take a notebook and write your thoughts down. This way you can ensure to remember them after practising. After this return to the HeilÜben-exercises.

Every single HeilÜben-exercise will be acquired and then repeated as long as it takes for it to be applicable in every day-situations. The broad rule is two to four repetitions per exercise until you have memorized it. A circa 80 repetitions in our everyday life, we accustom them to our behaviour. Over time this way we assure that the skills we train with our exercises build behaviour that works automatically.

To the exercises only belongs what you can find in the corresponding instruction. Please note that thoughts and memories that occur suddenly while practising are on the one hand of high value to you but on the other shouldn’t be included in practising.


  • now I am practising
  • now I am letting my thoughts flow

When you return from letting your thoughts flow then start where you left the exercise.

Getting used to the new and the unusual takes time – as much as necessary. It runs subconsciously, gradually, and means internal growth to cope with it. During this important phase, only patience and constant pursuit will help to get through.

All intermediate results are helpful because they reliably show which actions are successful and which need to be improved or replaced. If one has too little “success” or suffers from too much fear, helplessness and boredom, meaninglessness and disorientation can show up. Such a thing can be depressing and the cause for doubting your actions. Every great explorer knows such phases. They are part of the situation, but as long as we go further, they won’t be the end of the line. I accepted that such feelings can be there as well but I didn’t try to fight them off and paid no further attention to them. When we always take it for granted that we’ll find the feasible our mind will focus on that paradigma and shed light on never seen solutions: if something we do is unsuccessful then having figured that out is already an achievement because we can learn from it, what works and what doesn’t.

The so-called failure can also help us because there are important insights we can gain through it. Just don’t take mistakes personally, don’t slow yourself down and don’t stoop  yourself.

The HeilÜbung-exercises contain kinesthetic elements, pictorial imagination, breath controlling and different memorization techniques. They are intended to give the reader inspiration to tap into more of the world’s diverse knowledge of health and performance.

I was able to practice while doing all the usual everyday things. I just did everything in a slightly different way than before. And this slightly different way no longer provoked stress-related rheumatoid arthritis.

Practising the HeilÜben can be compared to using a toolbox. It offers different tools for different needs. For example, you are repairing a roof by other means than a water pipe or a door lock. But every single thing makes the home more comfortable.

Some of our problems we recognize over time, although we have lived with them for a while. This is because each change we take on changes our overall perception. Everything concerns everything – in addition to what we see, hear, taste and smell we relate information from what we feel, feel, how we move and perceive our position in the space around us.

In the HÜ it is necessary to acquire every skill carefully, for only then they’ll work out as a complete toolbox. Piece by piece, the use of various aids is learned, tried and applied.

Imagine your favourite – albeit in some places in need of repair – house, create it out of your fantasy, don’t take a real one. You can imagine how much more stable, beautiful and well-groomed it will be once you’ve taken on the work to fix it. Even if there is still a window in the hinges, a door that squeaks or a few holes in the roof. Whenever I felt the inflammatory pain I imagined that this pain only pointed to various leaks that I could understand and fix. Paying attention to what is going on and how exactly it is working is always the first step. All of us want an immediate solution especially if we are under a lot of pressure, but no apprentice masters all the steps in one day, no artisan will be able to fix everything in one day – but every day another piece. So as I began working on my “house” I thought about an old saw that goes:

“You don’t have to be a master to start working. Start working to become a master!”

Now imagine that you go around your favourite house, look at everything and also take a look inside. What we see from the out- or the inside, we may not see from the beginning. This way we train ourselves to look at things from different points of view. Therefore, there are also several HÜ-exercises that are similar in some ways and yet different from each other.

Special clues for people affected by rheumatoid arthritis:

As I refused to resign myself to rheumatoid arthritis and continued to seek cure despite medical diagnosis and treatment of an “incurable disease,”

  • I acted directly contrary to the usual approach,
  • and consequently against some of my own profound beliefs,
  • I was still in the state of disease and
  • invested time and energy.

As we can see, the difficulties do not consist solely of the RA. The challenges are more diverse and HeilÜben is dedicated to all of them

Since it is also possible with an RA to train one’s skills, completely different people can learn the same HeilÜben-exercises successfully and develop their personal best way of exercising.

Everyone affected also lives with individually different external and internal conditions. Therefore, the HÜ can only be a form which must be carved out individually until it fits perfectly. The exercises are models that exemplify influences, connections, and procedures. Simplification helps with understanding and first learning.

After that, it becomes more complex in practice. The person concerned first reads the HÜ-exercises, carries them out as such and imprints them. He begins to take inhabit the HÜ-exercises. Many individual situations have several variants. The HÜ-exercises have to be adapted and applied to these individual cases. Anyone can get to the root of his stress-related RA, examine and understand it, and develop his individual most effective healing exercises out of the models I prevent.


I’ll love to hear from you! Our theme shows the comment section down below so it is some scrolling to do:)

All the best


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