The HeilÜben-exercises. Technique and application

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Detect and eliminate harmful stress and tension with gentle, relaxing exercises!

Good triggers – good reactions:

Say “hello” to your body.

In its own language.

–> HeilÜben means to train our own skills and to use them for self-help

–> Before beginning: General instructions for the execution of the HeilÜben-exercises

Level 1

In turn, more relaxation, finer sensations, greater agility, and a better posture, bring us more and finer physical sensations that enrich our perceptions, allowing us to gain more insight into ourselves and the world in which we live. This way, we can reduce tension and the habit of tensing and relieve our joints.

In Level 1, we’ll focus on performing body and mind exercises. By becoming more aware of the interplay of our bodily sensations, movement and posture, tension and relaxation, emotions and thoughts, we can purposely use it to train our skills. In doing so, we become our mental-trainer and inner coach. Our results will mirror our skills, so training them is advisable. As a coach, you’ll set goals, make plans and think about possible ways of getting there. As a trainer, you’ll take care to execute the exercises the right way and to train our skills with them consistently.

Level 1 includes part 1, 2, and 3:

Level 1 Part 1

Davide MancusoKurzEN_closeup-photography-of-white-petaled-flowers-842395


Level 1 Part 2

Steve Johnson_klein_en_multicolored-abstract-painting-1686762


Level 1 Part 3

Quang Nguyen VinhLevel13ENkurz_person-standing-in-green-grass-terraces-2162133


Level 2

Asad Photo MaldivesLevel2ENkurz_island-in-the-middle-of-the-sea-under-blue-sky-and-white-3601463


Level 3

Swapnil Deshpandey_en_klein_background-wall-wall-art-1844736


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How HeilÜben came into being – a guide through all my articles about the matter

My time with rheumatoid arthritis and my healing with HeilÜben-exercises 


The process in a nutshell: About Laureen


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Protect yourself. The HeilÜben-exercises for everyone for a stronger immune system.

Harmful tension hasn’t to be obvious. A poor posture and disharmonic movement cause such tension and through that stress, threatening our immune system. So posture and movement have a direct influence on our stress-level and, through that, on our immune system. How high or how low our stress-level is determines whether our immune system is or isn’t endangered by it. How we treat ourselves makes the difference whether our posture and movement cause inflammation and wear or whether they have a beneficial and strengthening effect. Autoimmune disease doesn't mean that the body hates itself. My body was just mistreated and reacted accordingly. It wasn't my body that attacked me - I unknowingly attacked my body by overloading it, and my immune system responded with inflammation in the affected regions. 19 years ago, I was able to end my RA and experienced my autoimmune disease to be a result of my posture and movement. Today I share my experience. There are two ways to move and to give our body posture. Learn to tell the difference: HeilÜben-exercises for everyone. It’s our choice to protect our immune system. Detect and eliminate harmful stress and tension in posture and movement with gentle, relaxing exercises! Good triggers – good reactions: Say „hello“ to your body. In its own language.

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