May I introduce to you: Ruslan and his SCHOOL of PHENOMENAL MEMORY

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HeilÜben is mental training. Due to that it – besides other things – also includes the purposeful dealing with inner images. We learn to think in a different way than before – consciously and intentionally pictorially. This allows us to development based on our abilities. As we continue to evolve, our room for manoeuvre expands and our self-confidence becomes more stable. As a result, we achieve more relaxation overall, enabling us to live healthier lives.

That was how the immediate proximity of HeilÜben to mnemonics became obvious.

We can consciously reshape or alter and combine them with other images to reliably record them in a specific order and in large numbers.

During the development of HeilÜben practice, I initially used the Loci Method and further relevant literature* and further developed the connection and storage of such images for my own HeilÜben. My creativity, my learn-capability and my memory boosted. Additional advantages were that I learned to improve my focus, to plan more efficiently and to handle knowledge better than before.

Mnemonics helped me to remember the order of exercises and to retrieve them from my memory at any time, without having to pick up my notes. So I could do my exercises in everyday life, while I went to work, took care of my household and my family. It saved me a lot of time on the one hand and helped me on the other to put my HeilÜben-exercises to better use. I was able to practice how to detect and relieve damaging tension in all day-to-day situations without forgetting anything. For example, did I think of a new exercise, or could I improve an exercise when I was on the road I would take a mental note to remembered my thoughts. I didn‘t need any extra paper-notes. Nowadays I also pass on my experiences with the deliberate creation of inner images and their storage in long-term memory.

While HeilÜben has as a specific goal the elimination of harmful tension, on the way we can learn to get to know ourselves and others better. At the same time, none of us is able to reinvent everything helpful for our lives. Would each of us have invented the wheel on our own?

What significantly reduces this risk of getting stuck in our own development are information and training.

As long as we live.

With and about mnemonics, much more can be learned and memorized than the comparatively small part that I have woven into HeilÜben. It‘s like the moment we step out of the dunes or behind rocks, see the sea for the first time, and then we understand that its dimensions are quite different from what we thought.

Our breath flows easier, we feel small according to the size and power of the sea and get an idea that there are more possibilities than expected.

So it is with our learning.

Our learning experiences lead to assumptions about learning. And because the idea of our own possibilities, to which also learning belongs, is influenced to a considerable extent by our past experiences. If we have made too many unquestioned negative experiences they will limit us. In this case the unpleasant feelings we’ve made remain connected with learning. The narrow limits that one puts on oneself out of habit and negative experience limit the whole personality. Remember what it was like the first time you have ever seen the sea. The schools we visited and what many of us got to know there as learning didn‘t show nearly the dimensions of what we all possess. The possibilities of our brain have much less boundaries than most of us have assumed so far. Skill comes with practice and only when we train and practice as long as we live, we don‘t stop – or fall back. Again think about the sea, about a safe beach in pleasant, sunny weather. Feel the dimension of the sea, how big it really is, feel yourself, feel space and happiness. Exactly this feeling was what I found in the study of mnemonics, with a way of learning that is appropriate to every brain.

It is a dimension of itself that permeates all of life. Our life is too short to reinvent the wheel.

But it is not too short to use it.

For this reason, in my upcoming posts about how we can create more good and supportive images of ourselves, our goals and our abilities (Level 1 of the HeilÜben-programme) I will indicate

SCHOOL of PHENOMENAL MEMORY by Ruslan Mescerjakov

to provide an overview on what to do with memory techniques everything and above all how.

In his free book SECRETS of PENOMENAL MEMORY Ruslan presents the theory behind his course. In addition, there is a freely accessible public forum on his site which you can use to ask all your questions about Phenomenal Memory. In addition, one can read through the questions that others have already asked and which one might not even have come for the moment.

In his article “IS THERE REALLY A PHENOMENAL MEMORY SCAM? OR IS IT ALL THAT IT CLAIMS TO BE?” Andy from WE GET SCAMMED FOR YOU writes about his experiences with this memory training in detail and summarizes: “No, Pmemory is no scam. I’ve been through it, and see it’s potential. I’ve met and know of guys who have gone farther than me with Pmemory, and have done some crazy things with it. It’s a memory training program that I definitely recommend if you are interested in teaching yourself to learn a different way.”

In addition to the overall very good product itself, there are serious marketing-mistakes of the Pmemory course. As it stands for me, currently (02.11.2019) the communication with any interested visitor of the site seems to be shut down, some links go to the void and or are not given (for example, for given background reading). This creates a broad field for justified and unjustified criticism, for assumptions and misinterpretations, as in the forum ART OF MEMORY on the question: Phenomenal memory good or bad? An article where intense and good investigation with – for PMemory – some very unpleasant results are mixed with…let’s say not so great arguments.

I’ll love to hear from you! Our theme shows the comment section down below so it is some scrolling to do:)

All the best!



HeilÜben for everyone. Classes and contact

Pain? Our 24/7 Hotline

3 thoughts on “May I introduce to you: Ruslan and his SCHOOL of PHENOMENAL MEMORY

  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing!

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    1. Isn’t it? And there is always something more to learn and always room for more experience and so much fascination I feel for my work:) Mille Grazie – thank you a thousand times for your lovely comment!

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      1. Thank you for all you do!

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