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Sometimes those who are always there for others are the ones in need of help.

Anyone who suffers from ongoing pain or inflammation in their joints and tissue needs medical attendance and consultation.

But despite having a loving family, supportive friends and a physician with an open ear – there are times when you have to deal with all this pain alone. Times during which the pain increases, goes on and on and takes too much time to fade again while all you can do is wait.

As part of our counselling, my team and I, today, can accompany you through times of pain and inflammation, worry and exhaustion by listening to you and support you in your search for relief. We can also talk about my own experience of reducing pain through relaxation.

During my rheumatoid arthritis, despite my medications, I regularly suffered from pain during the night- and daytime – it kept me from sleeping, and during the exhaustion, it caused also kept me from working — pain like nothing I had ever experienced before. Over and over again, lasting for hours. I felt a clue- and helpless. My doctor had told me before, that inflammatory pain means direct destruction in my joints something I naturally dreaded. And although I regularly took my medication as prescribed by my doctor, I much preferred to live without this medication that could cause addiction, side effects and interactions. So many disturbing thoughts about my future joined the violent pain attacks. Over time, however, I found out how I could lower and eliminate pain and inflammation using relaxation. Through my HeilÜben-exercises, I managed to heal my rheumatoid arthritis more than 18 years ago. 

And don’t worry: Of course, we are obliged to keep silence and don’t store any information about our conversations with you.

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  1. 🎄Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!🎄

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    1. Many thanks for your lovely wishes, dear Geraldine! Health and fun and success for you and your beloved ones too!


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