On the ability of low income women to improve their conditions

Sheila Kathleen Jennings


I read that single mothers in NA have the highest rates of RA. Can you comment on the ability of low-income women to improve their conditions (I have PsA, not RA but I’m curious about your method).


Hi Sheila,

Thank you very much for your question! Since Twitter isn’t a friend of many words I answered on my blog to get it all said:)

Generally, I would say that people who have a lower income than desirable face two significant difficulties: at first they have to trade a high percentage of their precious time and energy for too little money and at the second they (often due to the lack of time) are denied to effectively acquire knowledge that would be crucially important to nurturing themselves – especially when there are illnesses involved.

Additionally a low income, as long as one lives in our western culture, doesn’t help to save and gain energy; hinders people from getting the medical care that would be necessary and stands in the way of gaining new knowledge. Learning becomes harder the less money, time and focus someone can give into it and often life in a modern, western society gets more complicated the less money you can use to manage it.

So ascending from these conditions knowledge about healthy nutrition, the own body, effective methods to regain strength and energy and the management of all these things often lacks dramatically.

Taking these difficulties into account, it usually takes up to three times the power to get the same result as someone with a high income. It is up to one’s resilience and self-empowerment, whether or not people face these challenges. Besides, the chance of success one sees is the determinating factor – who wants to give energy into something that seems impossible to reach?

Those who can read and educate themselves have an advantage here. They can compare different approaches because, in addition to conservative treatment and therapy, many alternative healing methods promise at least a prospect of success. There are many good and helpful free texts for that in the World Wide Web.

I share my experiences with the healing of my RA 18 years ago on my blog. I try to describe how I, based on my HeilÜben-exercises, concluded that my RA was a causally degenerative disease and that the autoimmune reaction was only a result of physical overload due to incorrect posture and movement. I deliberately reduced this overload by relaxation, the chronic inflammation ended, and the RA healed. That is why today I use the term stress-related rheumatoid arthritis.

From this experience, the HeilÜben-exercises for everyone arose. They are used for targeted, intentional and conscious relaxation against overloads. Overload can cause a wide variety of physical illnesses. In the next weeks and months, I will post my various HeilÜben-exercises on my blog.

Hopefully, this is a satisfying answer to your questions:)

Stay safe and happy


HeilÜben founder, coach, and trainer

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