Application form for the HeilÜben-exercises 24/7-hotline

1. So that we can process your appointment request quickly, please send us the application form filled out:

Application for the HeilÜben-exercises 24/7-hotline
We assign appointments for the HeilÜben-exercises 24/7-hotline through online-coaching for 60 min. via web conferencing. The fee is 168,- €/ 185,79 $/141,39 £.
Please note: our pricing is tagged in Euros. Even if you should use a different currency, PayPal will easily allow you to send your payment in Euros.


2. After receiving your request, we will arrange an appointment with you by email.

3. You will then receive an email invoice from us. Please indicate your name and the invoice number on your payment to correctly allocate the incoming charge.

4. With our confirmation of the fee on our PayPal account, your appointment is considered fixed.

5. Click on the link we’ve been sending in our email invoice by the agreed time.


We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

Laureen and the HeilÜben-team

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