Out of RA. The HeilÜben exercises against rheumatoid arthritis

In my new book, I talk about my experiences with the HeilÜben exercises in healing my rheumatoid arthritis.

Using your body postures and movements, learn to recognise the difference between healthy tension and relaxation on the one hand and excessive tension and its consequences on the other from the viewpoint of the HeilÜben exercises.

I am pleased to announce my new book as of the end of March 2024:

Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Healed up through relaxation!

My experiences with the HeilÜben exercises while RA in basics, technique and application

A holistic, interdisciplinary self-help model to support self-awareness in stress-related chronic inflammatory diseases by improving biopsychosocial self-regulation.

Presented by the example of a strategy of self-empowerment to reduce stress in dealing with the chronic inflammatory process in rheumatoid arthritis due to joint overload due to excessive tension in posture and movement.

The HeilÜben exercises in basics, technique, and application serve as passing on experience.

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