Talks and Readings about the HeilÜben exercises

The HeilÜben talks and readings approach my time with rheumatoid arthritis, my experiences with healing, my view on stress-related rheumatoid arthritis and the HeilÜben exercises for everyone.

In 1994 I fell ill with rheumatoid arthritis as I responded to everyday life as well as to especially challenging situations by overly tensing my body instead of relaxing it. As long as I couldn’t unmask this harmful habit, I found myself wondering about the result. Just like people who suffer from stress-related head-, back- or stomachaches may do but without being able to help myself – without being able to lower my tension until the chronic inflammatory joint disease healed

Using the gentle, easy to understand HeilÜben exercises, I would change the harmful tensing-habit – and could eventually end inflammation and pain once and for all. This way, I healed my rheumatoid arthritis more than 20 years ago.

In my new book “Rheumatoid Arthritis? Healed up through relaxation! (release date: end of March 2022), I report on my experiences with HeilÜben exercises in healing my rheumatoid arthritis in basics, technique and application.

Today HeilÜben exercises is a programme for everyone who wants to unmask and eliminate harmful stress and tension.

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