HeilÜben-exercises. Technique and application

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Unmask and eliminate harmful stress and tension with gentle, relaxing exercises!

Good triggers – good reactions:

Say “hello” to your body.

In its own language.

–> HeilÜben-exercises mean training our own skills and using them for self-help

–> Before beginning: General instructions for the execution of the HeilÜben-exercises

Level 1

In turn, more relaxation, finer sensations, greater agility, and a better posture, bring us more and finer physical sensations that enrich our perceptions, allowing us to gain more insight into ourselves and the world in which we live. This way, we can reduce tension and the habit of tensing and relieve our joints.

In Level 1, we’ll focus on performing body and mind exercises. By becoming more aware of the interplay of our bodily sensations, movement and posture, tension and relaxation, emotions and thoughts, we can purposely use it to train our skills. In doing so, we become our mental-trainer and inner coach. Our results will mirror our skills, so training them is advisable. As a coach, you’ll set goals, make plans and think about possible ways of getting there. As a trainer, you’ll take care to execute the exercises the right way and to train our skills with them consistently.

Level 1 includes part 1, 2, and 3:

Level 2

Level 3

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