The HeilÜben online-coaching

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Here is the summary of what the HeilÜben is about (version in German):

RA in everyday life?

RA despite sports?

Never-ending limitations, pain, and inflammation?

Has chronic inflammatory joint disease put an end to your training?

Although during a medical examination in stress-related RA typical findings and diagnoses for rheumatoid arthritis can be made, these do not explain the trigger but only its impacts.

The stress-related rheumatoid arthritis arises, when the variety of challenges, which every conscious human being has to face in everyday life, are being handled with immoderate tension instead of relaxation. By not realizing this process we only see the supposedly, unaccountable outcome. This makes us incapable of changing the process and by that regaining our health.

Change over from bad and unhealthy habits to the ones who will benefit you the most using the easy and gentle exercises provided by the healing-practice called HeilÜben!

Experience how the stress-related rheumatoid arthritis (RA) arouses and find out more of your negative habits to change them.

In the HeilÜben you are going to experience, how through the relaxation of our muscles and tendons the inflammation in the associated joints can be lowered and end.

Train your self-healing capabilities for rest and perseverance.

Imagine the healing process well before.

Put peace and perseverance to use in moments of pain.

To find out about so far, unnoticed tension uses your current pain level as a guide.

Thereby you’ll get to know how stress-related tension allows the inflammation in our joints to grow, and consequently how the inflammatory process can be affected and terminated.

By time experience will bring better knowledge about your body so you’ll know:

Rising pain – rising tension

lowered pain – lowered tension

no pain – you are below your tension limit

Reduce your tension permanently below this personal limit.

The HeilÜben by Laureen Richard involves gentle exercises, intended for the independent execution of the party.

With the HeilÜben-exercises, you’re able to determine if your rheumatoid arthritis too is the result of dangerous overloading caused by a high tension level.

The HeilÜben takes the stress-related rheumatoid arthritis to mean the same as the chronic inflammatory process, as well as „healing“ to mean the end of this process.

I take my own healing experience to mean the absence of any symptoms, which allows me unrestricted mobility ever since. This suggests that both the HeilÜben as well as the medical treatment should come to use as early as possible.

At present, no statement can be made on issues of regeneration in individually acquired consequences of the disease, such as destroyed and deformed joints.

In the HeilÜben self-awareness begins with deliberating, pictorial imaginations. They will support those affected by the RA in gaining sensomotoric consciousness again despite the effects from which they suffer. This is especially practical for in the beginning the illness often is impeding any therapeutic intervention. Also, it allows us to see the cause of the inflammatory and painful process in our joints and shows how to effectively use ease of mind, calming breath-rhythm and relaxation to lower the Tension in our bodies. Further, we’ll learn that our tension is a self-made problem. Thus, tension can be found and reduced in everyday situations.

The online-coaching is there to individualize the HeilÜben and to answer your particular questions.

We wish you much joy and success!

Your HeilÜben-team

Laureen, Mary, and Cordula


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