The HeilÜben-coaching and training

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RA in everyday life?

RA despite sports?

Limitations, pain, and inflammation without end?

Has chronic inflammatory joint disease put an end to your training?

Laureen fell ill with rheumatoid arthritis/chronic polyarthritis as she tensed her body over its limit to cope with different challenges instead of using relaxation. As long as she didn‘t realize that and how she did it she wondered at the result (as people with stress-related headaches, stomach problems or backaches do) and wasn‘t able to lower her tension beneath a mark that would allow the disease to heal up.

With HeilÜben-exercises, she switched the harmful habits to healthier ones with gentle, easy-to-understand exercises. This way, her rheumatoid arthritis healed more than 18 years ago.

We, Laureen, Mary and Cordula pass on HeilÜben in coaching sessions and training directly and personally (also online) to you!

Often a healer or a promise for healing is being searched. But all of this isn‘t to be found with HeilÜben or the coaches.

HeilÜben describes how Laureen managed to end pain and inflammation and to eventually heal herself. It is meant to help evolving ones potential to use imagination, emotions and sensomotoric sensations. The name „HeilÜben“ (two German words which mean heil/heal üben/practice) isn‘t to be misunderstood as the aim to heal anything or anyone but descends from the experiences of its founder Laureen Richard.

Through our offers in consulting, coaching and training, HeilÜben becomes experience- and traceable. Our aim is to make HeilÜben so easily understandable that everyone can always remember it in their everyday life, whether it is in the shower, whilst shopping or cleaning the house or shortly before falling asleep.

However, the transfer of experience through HeilÜben doesn‘t replace medical or therapeutic treatment. The application is done under its own responsibility. We do not provide diagnoses, do not pronounce therapy recommendations and we do not offer treatments. We do not promise, offer or await any cure or relief of the disease or the suffering.

HeilÜben doesn‘t require to end any kind of medical treatment or therapy. However, it is not designed to deal with the by-effects and interactions of drugs or subsequent or concomitant diseases. When Laureen’s rheumatoid arthritis healed up, it was clearly noticeable in the sense of improving her overall condition.
We will be happy to hear from you and wish you joy and success!
your HeilÜben-team
Laureen, Mary and Cordula.


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