We love to be fit.

Invest more in yourself by deploying your skills to unmask and eliminate harmful stress and tension in your everyday life and use the interplay of your body, soul and surroundings.

For everyone who has completed a level of the HeilÜben exercises, we offer the respective HÜ! Training. There we will focus on incorporating your progress with the HeilÜben exercises into daily life as well as on answering individually arising questions.

Harmful tension isn’t always obvious to us: it can also go unnoticed, be overlooked or underestimated, especially since the triggering situation can quickly be over or considered normal. In any case, it means unnecessary stress. The intensity of that stress and the quality of posture and movement induce each other alternately.

When we take stress and tension into daily postures and movements such as standing, sitting, climbing the stairs etc. it can cause us not only harm there but will eventually initiate even more stress and tension overall.

Keeping overburdening tension in one’s body is harmful. 

Tension accumulates within us every day. Maintaining it has a stressful impact both physically and mentally. Mostly we only realise that once the overburdening pushes to the surface in the shape of physical or mental signals.

The quality of our posture and movement makes the difference whether they cause inflammation and harm or have a beneficial and strengthening effect.

With our training, you can make the HeilÜben exercises a part of everyday life. In a wide range of situations, you can spot the difference between a healthy dynamic of tension and relaxation on the one hand and harmful tension and its consequences on the other. In this way, pent-up tensions can be detected and reduced more easily.

There are two ways to move and posture our bodies.

Learn to tell the difference between healthy tension and relaxation in our bodies on the one hand and overloading tension and its consequences on the other based on our everyday posture and movement.

We’d love to hear from you!

Laureen and the HeilÜben team

So that we can process your appointment request quickly, please send us the application form filled out. Group offers are available on request here.

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Learn to tell the difference. HeilÜben-exercises for everyone.


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