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Most of us will take an overall good physical condition as the most natural thing in the world.

Like a gift we use carefree.

Should, sooner or later, this wonderful state come to an end it usually doesn’t to so with a smooth awakening to the new reality of our condition but rather with a hard hit on rock bottom.

Often we know better, how to make use of a healthy condition than of how to preserve or even of restoring one.

When our health is fading we’ll seek relief, cherish hope, but sometimes we feel helpless, sad, damaged and frightened.

Only then do we truly realize that a good physical condition doesn’t come all by itself.

It is no coincidence and no right that we can hold against and enforce upon our body.

Some diseases can arise from strains having accumulated until they’ve become an unmanageable burden for our body to bear.

So it was for me: My chronic inflammatory disease was like the visible tip of an iceberg made out of stress. It poked into my consciousness and I realized: “I must change something, and I must do it now. The way it went until now can‘t go on.”

And in my experience, this tip can make itself noticeable in the form of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis.

Personally, I used HeilÜben-exercises to heal my rheumatoid arthritis.

And also set out to work on the iceberg made of strain lingering beneath my daily life.

Everyone who practices the HeilÜben-exercises breathes life into them and while doing so gains more knowledge about him- or herself.

In doing my HeilÜben-exercises I experienced that you can actively shape your health yourself every day.

There are many beneficial and strengthening training options available that can be connected directly to the HeilÜben-exercises.

They can accompany us in our further way through life.

With them, we strengthen ourselves, find more meaning and joy and can protect ourselves better.

And that’s worthwhile.


This blog is about HeilÜben-exercises for everyone. HeilÜben-exercises is a holistic, interdisciplinary self-help-programme to support self-awareness against harmful stress and tension, improving biopsychosocial self-regulation. HeilÜben-exercises arose from my own experience. They are the yield of all the things I discovered to be beneficial and helpful for me. During and also after healing my rheumatoid arthritis, I’ve found and still find many, simple, useful information and relevant knowledge. Things which helped me, and of which I am still astonished today, that apart from me only a few know about them and their everyday-applicability. I realized that I wanted to pass on the inspiration and joy I had experienced with my HeilÜben-exercises and to make it usable for others – this is the motivation for my work.

Through my articles and as well as through personal coaching and training, I share my experiences with the reduction of dangerous stress using HeilÜben-exercises, which I have made while healing my RA. Here is a quick overview:

1994: Diagnosis of incipient aggressive rheumatoid arthritis with a severe disease progression at the age of 22

06/1996: Discontinuation of medical treatment (not recommended for imitation, the consequences are incalculable!)

06/1996 to 12/1996: Gradual exit of inflammation, pain and chronic course due to my healing practice called HeilÜben

01/1997 to 3/2001: Some isolated and increasingly rare occurring early stimuli without inflammation

3/2020: For 19 years my rheumatoid arthritis is healed up without drugs, surgery or any change in diet.

Presumably, at the end of November 2020, the complete edition of HeilÜben-exercises will be published as a blog tie-in book.


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