Overcome the problem-mix-trap

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 Although I was explicitly concerned with my stress-related rheumatoid arthritis and with healing it during my HeilÜben, the effects of overloading tension and inflammation did not only affect my joints and the surrounding tissue but my entire organism.

Sequelae that were triggered

  • by the tension and inflammation that continues throughout the body and
  • relieving postures and restricted mobility,

did their part to make my condition more complex.

Furthermore, there were

  • pre-existing illnesses (house-dust- and pollen allergy)
  • further consequences of overloading tension (see also article 1)

Apart from my medications with all their side effects and interactions, I experienced a mix of causes and effects that caused and reinforced each other.

That left me clueless for some time. To find my way back to the causes of my health problems due to overload, I tried to assign every single feeling of discomfort, such as pain and tension to a specific sole reason. And in some situations worked.

Whenever pain and restrictions appeared within those regions of my body that were already diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, it was difficult for me to distinguish between swellings caused by RA and oedemata. What was that I felt and what happened beneath my skin? What was what?

However, the more I concentrated on the connection between pain and relaxation when I practised my HeilÜben-exercises, I became aware of the tension behind the pain and inflammation.

And the more I learned to lower my tension when practising; the more all the stress-related complaints went back.

An example:

When in addition to RA, oedemata (commonly known as water retentions) appear in the hands and arms, this mostly calls attention through swelling, starting with thick fingers, for example, small knots over or in between the metacarpophalangeal joints and over the carpal bones. Annoying and again, this can cause a painful and disturbing feeling of pressure and movement restriction.

As it is with rheumatoid arthritis, in the case of oedemata, it is essential to consult a physician. Also, for me, my information about gymnastics and massages that are useful against oedemata in particular and lymphology, in general, paid off.

Just like the HÜ-exercises, oedemata gymnastics is about the alternation of force and relaxation. In the case of oedemata exercises, this alternation stimulates the lymphatic flow – in the case of HeilÜben, it interrupts harmful tension, reducing and eventually preventing it in the first place. If one can tell the difference of complaints caused by RA and the grievances caused by oedemata, one can orient his self-help better, by meaningfully connecting daily HÜ-exercises with adapted oedemata gymnastics.

My problem mix of pain and swelling caused by an RA and the unpleasant feeling of pressure due to oedemata in my arms and legs, hands and feet dissolved with progressive HÜ-exercises by having me overcome these two problems in equal measure. Through healthy movement while relieving muscles and connective tissues (including malpositions).


Write down your experiences with RA and – if possible – your problem mix. That doesn’t have to be in pleasing sentences. Even essential keywords in their correct chronological order provide a helpful overview.

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Overcome the problem-mix-trap

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Overcome the problem-mix-trap


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Overcome the problem-mix-trap

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