Checklist of the healing-practice technique HeilÜben level 1 in the case of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis

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Relaxation on – tension off!

All of the healthy triggers listed here are to be exercised persistently intense and over again.

Practice them one by one thoroughly and carefully.

Accustom yourself to them, like you’ve accustomed breathing.

This way you’ll accomplish that your healthy impulses are more intense and steady than the opposing ones wich support the chronic inflammatory process. The more our new healthy habits gain the upper hand, the more the stress-related rheumatoid arthritis is thus suspended.

Pay attention to completeness. The following checklist and the worksheet will support you.

Best of luck, courage, joy and success!

Laureen Richard

The HeilÜben-Technique Level 1 Checklist

Imagine your easygoing, unstressed and unrestricted posture and harmonic motion. Watch how dancers and athletes move, how they use their force strategically and immediately afterwards smooth easily into the next move.

Try to relate to these good postures and harmonic motions, repeat them – beginning with your imagination – depending on your condition with your body. Whilst doing orient yourself towards a relaxed, lighthearted, elastic, “bouning” and joyfull expression in your movements.

Take care to connect your posture as well as your movements with the most beneficial emotions.

Take care to relieve your joints, fingers and hands by a more harmonic motion sequence and a healthier posture.

Keep your hands and fingers as straight as painless possible. Don’t let them bend in your wrist joint, avoid an angled posture. Hold and move your hands and forearms whereever possible in a straight line to each other.

Train up a look at this as a rest position.

Apply the force of your bigger muscles (back musculature for instance) to walk, run, jump, push, pull lift, carry, throw, spin and hammer.

Start the movement of your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers from the muscles of your back.

Don’t put more force than necessary into your actions.

Move and rest without being stiff, inflexible or cramped.

Loose yourself over and over again from head to toe.

Take care of having a relaxed breath rythm. When under pressure inhale deeply and exhale even a bit longer.

Whilst reading remember the HeilÜben-exercises you’ve already performed and repeat them if necessary.

You can print out your checklist and put it in your pocket so you can always go through it.

The Healing Practice Technique Level 1 Worksheet

free download coming soon


The HeilÜben by Laureen Richard Part 1: Principles (in German)

The HeilÜben by Laureen Richard; basics, technology and applications (expected January 2019 in German)

My HeilÜben (expected Summer 2019)

The HeilÜben Level 1 in the case of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis checklist and worksheet

The HeilÜben Level 2 in the case of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis checklist and worksheet

The HeilÜben Level 3 in the case of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis checklist and worksheet

Welcome to my blog about the way out of the stress-related rheumatoid arthritis!

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