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Let me introduce you to the HeilÜben exercises, a method to unmask and eliminate harmful stress and tension. For me, my HeilÜben exercises meant the healing of my rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Affected by RA, I dearly wished I could get well again. I went down a long and painful path through life with the inflammatory joint disease until I realized that I had to help myself if my desire for health was to be fulfilled.

From that moment on I created my HeilÜben exercises [german for healing practice]. In the process, I consistently tested every detail’s effectiveness if my pain, swellings and inflammation decreased and my mobility increased by trial and error.

Whenever I ceased practising (because I was exhausted or frustrated or I just couldn’t find the right way to practice for an often excruciating period of time) my condition progressed as usual.

So, in my search for effective exercises, I could observe the temporal connection between every correctly created exercise and a degression of my disease and my general condition – up until the point when my RA healed. (Here I’ve described this process in more detail.)

Since then I have been able to live and train healthily.

Today the HeilÜben exercises are a holistic, interdisciplinary self-help-programme for everyone, supporting self-awareness against harmful stress and tension by improving biopsychosocial self-regulation. It does neither serve as a medical or therapeutic diagnosis or treatment nor as a substitute for them.

Often, we regard a relatively good overall condition as one of the most natural things in the world.

Like a right, we rely on it without a second thought.

Should, sooner or later, this wonderful state come to an end, we tend to feel seriously threatened by the new state of our condition.

Because often we know much better what to do as long as we are healthy based on our health than what to do to maintain or regain it.

We search for a solution, nourish hope, and sometimes feel helpless, sad, shocked, insecure, or even attacked by our body, let down, damaged.

It is only then we truly realize that a good physical condition doesn’t come all by itself.

It is no coincidence and no right that we can hold against and enforce upon our body.

Some diseases can arise from strains having accumulated until they’ve become a burden our body can no longer bear.

That was how it was for me: my chronic inflammatory disease resembled the visible tip of an iceberg made of strain. It poked its way into my consciousness, and I realized: “I have to change something. Things can no longer go on like this.”

And my experience shows me that such an iceberg tip can come in the form of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis.

So I created my HeilÜben exercises as a form of self-help to tackle this iceberg of strain lingering beneath my daily life. I wanted to gain back my health which I by now have enjoyed for over 20 years.

And with my HeilÜben, I experienced that and how I could take an active part in shaping my health every day.

Up until this day, people are bringing life to the HeiÜben exercises by constantly acquiring new knowledge about themselves.

Additionally, there are many other beneficial and strengthening training options available that can be connected directly to the HeilÜben exercises.

They can accompany us on our future way through life.

With them, we strengthen ourselves, find more meaning and joy, and can protect ourselves better.

And that’s worthwhile.

To look at the origins of HeilÜben exercises let me give you a first overview of my time with rheumatoid arthritis and healing.

A timeline and a summary:

1994: Diagnosis of incipient aggressive rheumatoid arthritis with a severe disease progression at the age of 22

06/1996: Discontinuation of medical treatment (Not recommended for imitation, the consequences are incalculable!)

06/1996 to 12/1996: Gradual exit of inflammation, pain, and chronic course due to my HeilÜben exercises

01/1997 to 3/2001: Some isolated and decreasingly occurring early stimuli without inflammation

3/2022: For over 20 years, my rheumatoid arthritis has healed up without medication, surgery, or any change in diet.

In 1994 I fell ill with rheumatoid arthritis due to the overburdening amount of tension accumulated within my body whenever I was facing a challenge, used to tense my body instead of relaxing it. And as long as I wasn’t able to detect this harmful habit, I found myself wondering about where my RA might have come from. Just like people who suffer from stress-related head-, back- or stomachaches may do – but without being able to help myself – without being able to lower my tension until the chronic disease deceased.

Using gentle, relaxing HeilÜben exercises, I would change the harmful tensing habit and eventually end inflammation and pain once and for all.

For two years, I had no solution for getting out of my stress-related rheumatoid arthritis. Every day I held up my resistance against the disease with great effort and willpower. Still, overall ended up losing a precious lifetime and -quality. Also, the disease itself and the medication that I took during this time weakened my immune system. Looking at a nasty future ahead made me suffer even more because the only thing that changed about the inflammatory joint disease itself was that it increased steadily. I didn’t know what to do and suffered from pain and inflammation. Until one day, I found the crucial hint: With my HeilÜben exercises, I discovered that I tensed my body over extensively in reaction to pain or inflammation.

So the most pressing question I had to find an answer to was how I could lower this over extensive tension when inflammation, swellings, and pain made it impossible to fight tension with stretching or massages.

My HeilÜben exercises taught me – for whatever reason or in whatever situation it occurred – to sense the tension in my body again, for over excessive and therefore harmful tension isn’t always obvious: it can go underrated, overlooked, or unnoticed, especially since the triggering situation can quickly be over or considered normal. In any case, it means unnecessary stress. The intensity of that stress and the quality of posture and movement induce each other alternately.

Over time, however, I found more ways to positively influence this induction through my behaviour.

That was what I call my HeilÜben exercises.

Not until then, I could gradually reduce stress and strain with relaxation. Not until then I was back at my full strength and agility and had eliminated pain, inflammation, and movement restrictions. This new perspective on my disease made me see that overloading my body was an action I could control and stop.

My autoimmune disease did not mean that my body hated itself.

In my case, my body just reacted accordingly to the mistreatment I unknowingly bestowed on it. My body hadn’t attacked me – by overburdening I had harmed myself. Furthermore, the inflammation in the affected regions was spreading.

During the years I had to spend with the disease, I was often unable to work on my HeilÜben exercises. I simply lacked power in such situations. And I learned: We cannot reinvent every wheel we need in life. It’s too short for that. If we can’t help ourselves out of skill, coincidence often plays too great a role in whether something benefits or harms us. No one can do everything needed in life on their own. Still, each of us can benefit from the knowledge and experience provided by those who have already gone down the path before and shape our lives in a better way accordingly.

With my articles and in one-on-one coaching and training, I share my knowledge and my experiences with recognizing and reducing harmful stress that I have made while healing my RA:

There are two ways to move and to give our body a posture.

Learn to tell the difference. It’s our choice to protect ourselves.

Good triggers – good reactions:

Say “hello” to your body.

In its own language.

Easy learning: HeilÜben exercises are easily adaptable to individual situations, to the circumstances and possibilities under which we practice. Our online offers serve you to add this meaningful, freeing learning to your life.

Self-paced, our exercises are structured to help you evolve at your own pace. You can learn and apply the HeilÜben exercises in technique and application to take matters into your own hands and create long-lasting development for your life.

We, Laureen, Mary, and Cordula, pass on the HeilÜben exercises to you in coaching sessions and training directly and personally – off- and online.

We’d love to hear from you!

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Laureen and the HeilÜben team

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Learn to tell the difference. HeilÜben-exercises for everyone.

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