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Harmful tension isn’t always obvious: it can also go unnoticed, be overlooked or underestimated. But in our everyday postures and movements, it means unnecessary stress. How high or how low our stress-level is determines its negative effects on our immune system. The quality of our posture and movement makes the difference whether they cause inflammation and wear or have a beneficial and strengthening effect.

For two years, I, Laureen, had no real solution for getting out of my stress-related rheumatoid arthritis. I resisted the disease with great effort and will daily, but overall ended up losing precious lifetime and -quality. In addition, the disease itself and the medication that I took during this time compromised my immune system. A nasty future in hindsight made me suffer even more because the only thing that changed about the inflammatory joint disease itself was that it increased steadily. I didn’t know what to do and suffered from pain and inflammation. Until one day, I found the crucial hint. I discovered that I tensed my body in reaction to pain or inflammation. I first had to learn to feel the tension – occurring in a variety of reasons and on various occasions – in my body again. Not until then, I could gradually reduce stress and strain with relaxation until I was back at my full strength and completely agile again, until there were no more pain, inflammation and movement restrictions. This new perspective on my disease made me see that overloading my body was an action I could control and therefore stop.

Autoimmune disease doesn’t mean that the body hates itself.

My body was just mistreated and reacted accordingly. It wasn’t my body that attacked me – I unknowingly attacked my body by overloading it, and my immune system responded with inflammation in the affected regions.

19 years ago, I could heal my RA and experienced my autoimmune disease to be a result of my posture and movement. During these years I had to spend with the disease, I was often unable to work on my HeilÜben-exercises. I simply lacked the power in such situations. And I learned: We cannot reinvent every wheel we need in life. It’s too short for that. If we cannot help us intentionally and deliberately, coincidence often plays too great a role in whether something benefits or harms us. And not everyone can do everything on their own, just because they need it. But each of us can benefit from knowledge and experience provided by those who have already gone went the path before.

Today I share my experience.

There are two ways to move and to give our body posture. Learn to tell the difference. It’s our choice to protect our immune system. Good triggers – good reactions: Say „hello“ to your body. In its own language.

HeilÜben-exercises is easily adaptable to individual situations, to the circumstances and possibilities under which we practice and our online offers allow you to add meaningful, freeing learning to your life.

Easy learning – with our HeilÜben-exercises. A programme in different online classes.

Self-paced, our exercises are structured to help you evolve at your own pace. You can learn and apply the HeilÜben-exercises in technique and application to take matters into your own hands and create long-lasting development for your life.

We, Laureen, Mary and Cordula pass on HeilÜben-exercises to you in coaching sessions and training directly and personally – off- and online!

We’d love to hear from you!


HÜ! Hotline

> 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Anyone who suffers from ongoing pain or inflammation in their joints and tissue needs medical attendance and consultation.

But despite having a loving family, supportive friends and a physician with an open ear – there are times when you have to deal with all this pain alone. Times during which the pain increases goes on and on and takes too much time to fade again while all you can do is wait…. -> read more


HÜ! Talks and Readings

> Plus the newest dates for HeilÜben-talks on Mondays!

My talks and readings are concerned with my time with rheumatoid arthritis, my experiences with healing, my view on stress-related rheumatoid arthritis and HeilÜben-exercises. A programme for everyone… -> read more


HÜ! Classes

> HeilÜben-exercises for beginners on Tuesdays!

We will be happy to accompany you on your way into the HeilÜben-exercises. Thinking through your possibilities, we will address these questions together:

Where do I come from, where do I want to go and where are my strengths and weaknesses? … -> read more


HÜ! Classes

> HeilÜben-exercises for everyone on Wednesdays to Sundays!

Unmask and eliminate harmful stress and tension with gentle, relaxing HeilÜben-exercises!

Good triggers – good reactions: Say “hello” to your body. In its own language…-> read more


HÜ! Training

> Everyday life training to reach a lasting change in bad habits.

We need to stop holding tension in our body. Tension accumulates within us every day. Maintaining it has a stressful impact: physically and mentally. By training, we can minimize stress and accumulated tension and inhabit our training as a vital part of everyday life. -> read more


We’d love to hear from you!

Laureen and the HeilÜben-team

HeilÜben founder, coach, and trainer

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