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The HeilÜben exercises are my approach to unmasking and eliminating harmful stress and tension. To me, the HeilÜben exercises meant healing my rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Affected by RA, I dearly wished I could get well again. I went down a long and painful road through life with the inflammatory joint disease until I realized that I could help myself to fulfil my desire for health.

From then on, I created my HeilÜben [German for healing exercises]. Through trial and error, I learned to understand the effectiveness of each element by whether my pain, swelling and inflammation de- and mobility increased.

So, in my search for effective exercises, I could observe the temporal connection between every correctly created exercise and a degression of my disease and my general condition – up until the point when my RA healed.

In “My time with rheumatoid arthritis and my healing with the HeilÜben exercises” (click), I have put together detailed descriptions of my experiences, so let me just give you a brief overview here:

1994: Diagnosis of incipient aggressive rheumatoid arthritis with a severe disease progression at the age of 22

06/1996: Discontinuation of medical treatment (Not recommended for imitation! The consequences were unforeseeable for me at the time.)

06/1996 to 12/1996: Gradual exit of inflammation, pain, and chronic course due to my HeilÜben exercises

01/1997 to 3/2001: Some isolated and decreasingly occurring early stimuli without inflammation

Today: For over 20 years, my rheumatoid arthritis has healed without medication, surgery, or any change in diet.

Would you like to learn more about my holistically oriented, interdisciplinary HeilÜben exercises with the HeilÜben programme? With our HeilÜben programme, we lay out the HeilÜben exercises’ approach.

Good triggers – good reactions:

Say “hello” to your body.

In its own language.

With my articles and in one-on-one coaching and training, I share my knowledge and my experiences with unmasking and reducing harmful stress that I have made while healing my RA. I introduce my approach to supporting self-awareness in dealing with harmful stress and tension by improving bio-psycho-social self-regulation. None of that serves as a medical or therapeutic diagnosis or treatment or a substitute for them.

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