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easy exercises for everyone
win against RA for a healthy and strong body


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Interpersonal communications-traps

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The confliction goals-trap

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The problem-mix-trap

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The procrastination-trap

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The choice to change

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The self-pity and subjective disease gain-trap

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Seize the moment – the now is the only time to act

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Rheumatoid Arthritis? First, become an relief-expert

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The HeilÜben-coaching and training

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suffer with stress induced rheumatoid arthritis
natural plan for healing rheumatoid arthritis from a person healing themselves with HeilÜben-exercises

Here is how I healed up my stress-related rheumatoid arthritis over 18 years ago!

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Compartmentalize reblogged from Mark Waligora The Purposeful Hiker

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My experiences with the chronic inflammation of my joints

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My way out of stress-related RA begins

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blur-bright-close-up-613321If I can turn against myself then I can also stop and get well!

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A strong emotion found physical expression faster than a conscious thought had the chance to intervene

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The emergence and maintenance of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis from my point of view

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To realize where my rheumatoid arthritis really came from made the difference between treatment and healing

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Can everyone develop a stress-related RA?

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“Is my rheumatoid arthritis healable?” My example of belief systems and what they can do

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HeilÜben means to train our skills and to use them for self-help

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inform yourself about Laureens HeilÜben exercises against her RA
read about experiences with healing from rheumatoid Arthritis

The blog tie-in book

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natural remedy, alternative healing method, review about self-healing
Train your skills and heal yourself from stress-related RA

The HeilÜben-programme

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How to do it: the HeilÜben-exercises

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; beverage-brewed-caffeine-1043508My time with rheumatoid arthritis from the beginning to the end and my life after

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Anastasiya Gepp; adolescent-attractive-backpack-1462633


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The liking-thing

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