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Before I managed to heal rheumatoid arthritis with my HÜ-exercises, I would spend days, weeks, months and even years with various problems. Smaller and larger grievances and mistakes that occurred during the chronic joint disease, becoming clear to me by delaying and obstructing my exercises – until I started to deal with them.

A process that allowed me to save energy and to divide my powers effectively. That was an essential component of the success of my HÜ-exercises.

For everything we do, we need energy. So we need power for everything new we want to accomplish. And now you have set yourself to deal with the HÜ-exercises. That, too, requires energy. But where will we get this extra energy in everyday life, RA, the drugs and possible sequelae, etc. are already demanding strength and time?

Some encumbrances draw energy away without paying off in the end. So it is worthwhile to take a closer look at them. In doing so, we can detect, reduce and close energy leaks like:

– the self-pity and disease gain-trap

– the procrastination-trap

– the problem-mix-trap

– the conflicting goals-trap

– interpersonal communication-traps

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