The emergence and maintenance of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis from my point of view: the autoimmune disease as a consequence of posture and movement.

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 As I mentioned before 1994 during the medical examination typical findings for rheumatoid arthritis were made. The diagnosis was: onset of severe rheumatoid arthritis with an aggressive course.

But by reference to an autoimmune disease, the question of why my body reacted the way it did couldn’t be answered.

In my experience with my successful healing of RA more than nineteen years ago, the reason for the emergence and maintenance of the disease was an overloading tension of my muscles and tendons affecting my joints, which was also triggered and maintained by poor posture.

My view on stress-related rheumatoid arthritis emerged out of my experiences.

Unpleasantries such as insecurity, overextension, the feeling of being unchallenged, pain, sorrow, mistreatment, injury, disease, a poor posture, tension, coordination difficulties, anxiety, feelings of shame and guilt, unpleasant prospects and expectations and many others, cause negative physical, emotional and mental stress.

Bad environmental influences such as electrosmog, polluted drinking water, bad air, fertilizer and drug residues, noise and dust can cause stress as well as malnutrition or hate, envy, violence, emotional coldness or lack of personal understanding.

Stress means tension.

And in contrast to all the situations in which we are not stressed, only use the necessary force in our body movement and relieve the necessary tension afterwards, we keep ourselves tensed (mostly spontaneously and uncontrolled *) in those situations that mean stress to us in order to use body language and to cope with or to prepare for various situations by fighting, fleeing or freezing.

Imagine you being healthy and lifting a heavy bucket of water to carry it around. Our tensed muscles are then clearly visible. On our forearms, for instance. Experience tells us that we can sense this tension very well both from the in- and the outside. Others, too, can quickly feel our tensed muscles and our entire effort. Our muscles, (connected to our joints also by our tendons and bones) which we brace to lift and hold the bucket, are shorter and harder than in a relaxed state. So through our muscles and tendons, we exert strength on our bones and joints, which enables us to perform a wide variety of healthier and unhealthier movements and postures.

Now imagine putting the water bucket back down again. By experience, we know that the muscles that we just braced before relax after work. They are now softer again and go – their average rest position corresponding – back to average length. The same happens with our tendons. We feel “relieved” in the true sense of the word.

The better we achieve a dynamic change in our body movement and posture between exertion and relaxation, between stress and relief, the healthier it is.

That‘s the way it usually should go. But if we wouldn‘t relieve our muscles from their tension after putting the water bucket down, or if we kept on holding the water bucket for too long until the end of our strength, we would feel a marked burning or tearing pain. We would start trembling until the muscles involved finally fail us. In such and similar situations, we can observe how our actions can cause pain and hurt.

Coherencies between causes and effects are quite hard to find if the consequences of our actions or behaviour only become visible to us after a certain time or an increased level of damage.

The less particularly intense the sensations like unusual pleasurable ones, pain, significant effort, or struggle are that accompany the situations in life, the less attention we pay to them.

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*contrary to such as isometric exercises in weight training

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