A strong emotion found physical expression faster than a conscious thought had the chance to intervene

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 From 1999 to 3/2001:

During these years, I still experienced a few individual and increasingly rare initial stimuli — a slight pulling in select areas: in my hands, wrists, arms or feet. Using my exercises, I was able to stop those stimuli within a few minutes. Just like a cramp in the calf or a headache, I took action right away and not sometime later.

Therefore inflammation, pain, swellings or movement restrictions didn‘t occur anymore.

The excessive tension that had previously made me so sick was something I stopped doing to myself after I healed my RA, as I became able to feel it again timely: as a pretty uncomfortable pulling.

My constant mental growth and with it in addition to all the intense joy I feel “the suffering that comes with progress” means that I can consciously feel (body & soul). I can act (grieve, come to terms with something, decide to flight or attack, seek help from others) before stress results in overloading tension and my body become seriously ill. The degree to which I understand and practise my abilities is my latitude in action. In my opinion, this procedure is also suitable for me to prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

With my recovery, the issue of rheumatism ticked off for me. My life raced on, and I just forgot the awful time with rheumatoid arthritis.

Until my daughter asked …

At the beginning of 2010, I typed ‘rheumatoid arthritis’ into the computer keyboard for the first time and read about how the disease went on in countless other cases. The result shocked and saddened me.

And for a few seconds a strong emotion found physical expression:

The familiar, pulling in my hand, spoke up:

“Listen to your soul.”

So I did and had to admit to myself: still, my body and soul remembered the fear of the inflammatory pain. I remembered the fear of the exhaustion, of the effects of medication and inflammation, and the frighteningly unpredictable occurring of pain and swelling. And again I was afraid of being ill and of feeling helpless.

As I became aware of these thoughts and emotions, I relaxed, and the pulling subsided.

This „being-aware-of-my-feelings-as-best-as-possible“ today is also a part of my prevention of a new case of RA.

The search for meaning in life, for new explanations, dissolution, happiness, success and self-realization, for life wisdom, does not need a sick body, even if the actual value of health is often experienced only through losing it and the level of suffering can positively challenge self-experience.

By healing rheumatoid arthritis, I understand the absence of all the discomfort caused by it, which has since allowed me full mobility again. This is the reason for me to believe that I choose the right time to begin my HeilÜben-exercises to avoid any irreversible damage.

That is why today, I have a healthier and more conscious influence on my body than before I healed RA.

The overburdening attempt to force me or force something through myself, by tensing my body and letting it stay in this condition, made me sick. My alternative was to be more friendly with myself, thanks to that, I learned to recognize or relieve excessive tension. So I could meet life in a variety of situations with less tension.
Self-help against rheumatoid arthritis is a serious self-development. It also trains other skills, such as motivation and perseverance. These are essential skills for me beyond my healing.

My next post: The emergence and maintenance of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis from my point of view


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A strong emotion found physical expression faster than a conscious thought had the chance to intervene

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A strong emotion found physical expression faster than a conscious thought had the chance to intervene.

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A strong emotion found physical expression faster than a conscious thought had the chance to intervene


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