It is time to heal.


When you despite the first, initial symptoms still got sensation within your hands and feet, within your arms and legs:

It is time to heal.

When you are suffering from harsher pain and mobility restrictions:

It is time to heal.

When you feel sad, hopeless and tired:

It is time to heal.

It is time to heal.

There is no time?

Other things are of more importance?

Our goals are best reached healthy!

Pursuing what we want for ourselves is so much easier and works so much better without RA.

For we are both: the path to our goals and the goal of all our paths.


Back in time when I suffered from RA but was unable to explain why I was so ill, it seemed to me as though my body acted on its own – without me being able to do anything about it. It was like trying to drive a car, but all steering and shifting made only minimal impact on where the vehicle was going. And at the car service station, the problem couldn‘t be fixed, but instead, just some symptoms were covered up. But such a terrible car I could have fled. From my body, there was no escaping. My rheumatoid arthritis was the outcome of my actions. So if I couldn‘t leave my body, I could still learn to help myself.

Everyone suffering from pain, injuries or inflammation needs the appropriate healing knowledge to solve the problem. A cut, a broken bone or a rash – when it comes to such things we perceive as healable we‘ve usually got a plan, trust in succeeding with it and are optimistic.

In contrast, everything that burdens us without a way out in sight leaves us puzzled and worried. One of those burdens can be a chronic inflammatory process within one’s body. Pain and general damage made it clear to me that something was wrong with my body. So I sought help to heal – and got drugs and treatments to suppress the symptoms. My life became an RA-management rather than a search for a cure. The disease seemed unpredictable, incontrollable with what I tried for help – it became a heavy burden, and I resigned. “I can’t make it; others can’t, nobody can. ”

Our strongest convictions do mostly arise from the views and perceptions we get inside our boundaries. These are the kind of convincement we believe not to be belief but certain knowledge. And if one experiences healing as impossible, then he gets another problem in addition to the disease:

Any attempts to heal now seem to be senseless for „good reason“.

To not let that be the end of the line, it helps to orientate towards the wished healing. Coming from there I can say that I was searching and with searching came sadness and insecurity. But my burning question was always: „Is my knowledge enough to help me? Is the experience of others enough?“


“Take care to get what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get.”

George Bernard Shaw


Due to that, my stress-related rheumatoid arthritis was as same a chance as a personal rat race.

The suffering the disease causes can sharpen the sense for essentials and bring about a more intense experience. That was the chance I used to get out of rheumatoid arthritis for:

the inflammatory pain made stress, tension and overburdening more obvious and helped me to eliminate them.

Albeit in a cruel way, through the pain, I started to feel again where and how I – without knowing any of it – overburdened myself. That was the chance to improve my body perception. Today, in everyday life, I can see much more precisely which sensation points to an overload and which does not. When I do my stretching exercises, for example, I can distinguish excessive tension from the slight painful pulling that goes with stretching.

So this was my chance. But as long as I didn‘t realize that, I accepted the drugs for a solution and my constant companions. And because rheumatoid arthritis is far from being everything that makes a person, even a life with this disease can be considered joyful and satisfying. But resignation may lead to the attempt to integrate the disease as a part of normal life while resigning from healing efforts. This way being sick grew on me. It got usual. I rationalized: I am already doing everything possible. I am acting reasonably. Getting used to pain, restriction and inflammation is the only and the best thing I can do in my situation. And the resignation can lead to something like this: „A rheumatoid arthritis isn‘t healable.“ That was my rat race.

This doesn’t mean that a life with rheumatoid arthritis isn’t worth living. Because it is. With passing on my experience, I am only trying to describe how I managed to heal RA.

But when I was settling with my rheumatoid arthritis, it was a milestone in the downward spiral of physical decline. Because we won’t stay in the same condition we are in right now – there is always a level down the body can go. That’s why we need daily training for our bodies as well as for our minds.

GramSince our physical abilities, feelings and movements are essential for the maintenance of our mental fitness, their limitation permanent also decreases the mental ability to control. And this even with a body training aimed at maintaining the current (reduced in case of illness) performance.

So I told myself: If I am long-lasting and/or severely burdened by illness esonism and/or medication, this does not diminish at some point, but immediately my performance and thus my future chances. Helplessness also due to rheumatoid arthritis, muscle wasting, osteoporosis, drug interactions and drug interactions further restrict the body and mind and also promote dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

So it isn‘t necessarily my momentary condition I have to fear but what this condition can lead me do become.

The most effective way to prevent helplessness through healthy exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle is to reduce injury risks. For example, by training for effortless and unrestricted agility, speed and stamina, we also challenge our mind and mental abilities. One effect is on the other.

The more unencumbered our body is of diseases and medications, the better we can exercise healthily at all. My healing from stress-related rheumatoid arthritis contributed significantly to this. This did not simply mean to me that when pain, inflammation and chronic progression ended, everything was as before because some of the “before” had led to the RA.

Healing brought with it an expanded understanding of myself. I learned more about my physical-soul-spiritual concerns and how they affect my relaxation and tension.

The better our basic understanding of healthy posture and movement, the better we can have a positive effect on our relaxation and our commitment even in challenging situations, which relieves the body, soul and mind, protective and strengthening effects.

In the absence of this basic understanding, even athletes can overload themselves and become ill with it.

Next post: Rheumatoid arthritis? First, become a relief-expert!


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It is time to heal.

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It is time to heal.

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