Rheumatoid arthritis. Quotes, thoughts, and experiences

Nice to meet you

en Zitat Mom 1

en Zitat Mom 2

Diagnosis: rheumatoid arthritis

en Zitat Diagnosis

My experiences with the chronic inflammation of my joints

en Zitat my experiences 1

My way out of stress-related RA begins

en Zitat my way out

If I can turn against myself, then I can also stop it and get well! 

en Zitat if i can turn

A strong emotion found physical expression faster than a conscious thought had the chance to intervene.

en Zitat strong emotion

Emergence and maintenance of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis from my point of view: the autoimmune disease as a consequence of posture and movement.

en Zitat emergence

To realize where my rheumatoid arthritis truly came from made the difference between treatment and healing.

en Zitat to realize

Can everyone develop a stress-related RA?

en Zitat develop

“Is my rheumatoid arthritis healable?” My example of belief systems and what they can do.

en Zitat is my ra healable

It is time to heal.

en Zitat time to heal 1

Rheumatoid arthritis? First, become a relief expert!

en Zitat relief expert

Now is the only time to act! How to seize the moment.

en Zitat only time to act

Overcome the self-pity and disease-gain trap

en Zitat self pity

Overcome the procrastination trap

en Zitat procrastination 1

Overcome the problem-mix trap

 en Zitat problem mix

Overcome the conflicting-goals trap

en Zitat conflicting goals

Overcome interpersonal-communication traps

en Zitat communication traps

HeilÜben exercises mean training our own skills and using them for self-help.

en Zitat training our skills 1

Before beginning: General instructions for the execution of the HeilÜben-exercises

en Zitat general instruction

The HÜ-exercises Level 1 Part 1 Introduction

en Zitat Level 1 Part 1 Introduction

On reshaping through mental training in the HeilÜben exercises exemplified based on their proximity to mnemonics

en Zitat Ruslan

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