Rheumatoid arthritis. Quotes, thoughts, and experiences

Nice to meet you

Diagnosis: rheumatoid arthritis

My experiences with the chronic inflammation of my joints

My way out of stress-related RA begins

If I can turn against myself, then I can also stop it and get well! 

A strong emotion found physical expression faster than a conscious thought had the chance to intervene

Emergence and maintenance of stress-related rheumatoid arthritis from my point of view: the autoimmune disease as a consequence of posture and movement.

To realize where my rheumatoid arthritis truly came from made the difference between treatment and healing.

Can everyone develop a stress-related RA?

“Is my rheumatoid arthritis healable?” My example of belief systems and what they can do.

It is time to heal.

Rheumatoid arthritis? First, become a relief expert! 

Now is the only time to act! How to seize the moment.

Overcome the self-pity and disease-gain trap

Overcome the procrastination trap

Overcome the problem-mix trap

Overcome the conflicting-goals trap

Overcome interpersonal-communication traps

HeilÜben-exercises mean training our own skills and using them for self-help.

Before beginning: General instructions for the execution of the HeilÜben-exercises

The HÜ-exercises Level 1 Part 1 Introduction

About reshaping through mental training in the HeilÜben-exercises exemplified based on their proximity to mnemonics

My time with rheumatoid arthritis and my healing with the HeilÜben-exercises

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